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  • Christmas Gift Ideas for Gamers and Life Enthusiasts

    The Christmas season has come and it’s time to choose Christmas gifts for loved ones and friends. Today, we want to share with you five Christmas gift ideas that will not only be loved, but also will be amazingly helpful. Let’s start!   Gift #1 The external SSD T-Create Classic External SSD. This SSD is loved by gamers and content creators alike. In our time of creative expression, having enough space for saving content and data is necessary. Therefore, an external SSD will become an excellent gift that will allow for saving photos, videos, and games. With a fast speed of transfer to any device, it has many uses. It will also work with both Mac and Windows, which makes this external SSD a more attractive choice as a gift for your loved ones. If that isn’t enough, the T-Create Classic Thunderbolt SSD's package is fantastic. It looks so nice it may not even need gift wrapping. Just add a Christmas Card and yummy chocolate and that is it – the perfect Christmas gift is ready! T-CREATE Classic External SSD Where to buy Gift #2 Do you have a friend who loves to play the PlayStation5 and don't know what to get them for Christmas? An SSD is a wonderful gift! With the SSD they can play more of their favorite games without worry of overheating. The T-Force Cardea A440 PRO SPECIAL SERIES M.2 is an SSD that was made specifically for the PS5. It is 100% compatible with the new PlayStation and will satisfy all the needs of PS5 gamers in terms of speed, which is up to 7000. It has very effective cooling because of it’s graphene heat sink. It also has an appearance that shares the same color as the PS5. We can guarantee that it will be the best gift for all PS5 lovers. T-FORCE Cardea A440 PSS SSD Where to buy Gift #3 Do you have a friend that likes to spend evenings and nights playing CS: GO? Do you know someone planning to build a PC or make an upgrade to their PC? Then you should gift them some TeamGroup gaming memory! Of course, a GPU would make them much happier, but you should know that memory is never a bad gift! Choose beautiful RAM, like the Xtreem ARGB White DDR4 32Gb 4000/3600 MHz. It matches trendy monochrome PC components while providing great performance! Nowadays 32 GB is amazing for gamers, and 4000Mhz is a high frequency that can help them have much better performance in games. Your friend will be super excited to receive such a wonderful gift. T-FORCE Xtreem ARGB White Where to buy Gift #4 “Secret Santa” is a holiday tradition in many offices, but the hardest part is picking the right gift for your colleagues. Aside from the Xmas mug at Starbucks, there is one more cool and universal gift you can get for any colleague ; a T83 or T93 USB flash drive from TeamGroup. It is not just UFD, but a multifunctional USB that will make the lucky recipient of it happy with everything that this small UFD can do. Beyond just saving data, it can function as a ruler, magnet, and much more. This series of USBs are great all around tools! T193 USB3.2 Where to buy T183 USB3.2 Where to buy Gift #5 Do you know someone that likes to take photos and videos of travel adventures and sports tricks by using GoPro, Drone or Camera? Then the best gift is a Micro SD card collection for each device. For example, the Go microCard for a GoPro, the Elite micro SD Card for Drone, and the Xtreem Card for a camera. This is a perfect gift that they can use on their travels. If you want to make the gift even better, then add a TeamGroup external SSD PD 1000. It is a very elegant and stylish external SSD from the outside, but from the inside it was created to be unbreakable in front of all rough conditions! Your friend can take it everywhere with them! GO CARD Where to buy ELITE A1 CARD Where to buy XTREEM SD CARD Where to buy PD1000 Portable SSD Where to buy Which of these gifts was your favorite? Share with us in the comments. TEAMGROUP hopes you can find a wonderful gift, and have a very merry holiday season ahead! JOIN THE HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY  from December 1 to December 31   

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  • T-CREATE CLASSIC: Recommendations & Installation Instruction for Creator’s PC

    Whether or not content creation can become an independent market like gaming is, is a question many people have had since 2019. However, the way I see it is that professional creators do have a high demand for powerful and stable hardware, which is not the same as the needs of gamers. And there is actually a problem that manufacturers have ignored, that is most creators spend all their time creating content, they have no time to research on how to install a computer by themselves, or how to read the specifications. To solve this problem, I have created a recommended list of beginner equipment for you with a video teaching how to install it on your own. Just follow the steps and it won't be difficult at all!   As usual, we first make a list of what is used in the installation: MB:ASUS ProArt B550-CREATOR CPU:R7-3700X SSD:T-CREATE CLASSIC PCIe4.0 SSD DRAM:T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR4 10L DESKTOP MEMORY GPU:LEADTEK NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 CASE:SilverStone SETA A1 POWER:CoolerMaster V1000 Platinum ASUS ProArt B550-CREATOR For the motherboard, we choose the ASUS ProArt, which is also a creator series. It has a special design texture in appearance, especially the PROART outlined by the gold line on the heat sink, which gives the motherboard a unique design aesthetic. In addition to the appearance, it is as good as gaming motherboards in terms of functionality. The PCIe 4.0 x 16 slot supports high-power graphics cards or M.2 PCIe SSDs, so that professional creators don't have to worry about graphics card compatibility issues or the data processing speed not being fast enough. Moreover, considering that professional creators often use NAS systems and external SSDs, it is equipped with two 2.5Gb Ethernet and two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C connectors, which maximize the transfer speed, so that large video and audio content can be transferred in a blink of an eye. I believe it is the most creator-friendly motherboard on the market today. R7-3700X The model that was originally to be installed was an R7-5800X, but considering the price difference was a lot, and creators rarely overclock their device, we pick the R7-3700X, which is also 8-core and 16-thread. I think this CPU is enough for use, if it is not, you can always upgrade it yourself. T-CREATE CLASSIC PCIe4.0 SSD At present, T-CREATE from TEAMGROUP is the only storage manufacturer on the market that has established sub-brands and launched dedicated products for creators. This T-CREATE CLASSIC PCIe 4.0 SSD is obviously different from gaming products in appearance, with a style that focuses more on texture rather than RGB. The matte silver heat spreader fits perfectly on the ProArt motherboard, so you don't need to worry about the abrupt appearance. In terms of performance, we choose the Gen4x4 SSD that perfectly demonstrates the performance of the B550-CREATOR with the R7-3700X. This is a new generation supported by AMD 3000 series CPU. With read and write speeds of up to 5,000/4,000 MB/s, it is suitable for creators who need to process a large amount of files daily, effectively shortening the file transfer time and allowing creators to have more time to focus on their various works. T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR4 10L DESKTOP MEMORY The memory is selected from the T-CREATE CLASSIC series of desktop memory. Since it is the same series as the SSD, the colors and the materials are identical, so there is no color matching problem at all. Just plug it in and it is that simple. The native 3200MHz specification allows creators who have no time to research on how to overclock to experience the performance of high-frequency memory. This series supports up to a single 32GB capacity. I only list the most basic specifications first. If there is a larger amount of multitasking or rendering requirements, you can choose a higher capacity memory. Our recommended motherboard + CPU is fully capable of supporting 32GB*4 3200MHz flagship specification! NVDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Since this PC is dedicated for creators, the most important thing is the graphics card after all, whether it is for photo editing or animation production, there are high requirements for the graphics card. Unlike the gaming graphics cards often used in gaming, we choose a Quadro graphics card for design and professional use. It is not very different from the gaming graphics cards in terms of hardware, perhaps only the graphics memory has a larger capacity. The biggest reason for me to choose a graphics card for design/professional use is that it will optimize drivers for specific software, so that creators can use it with more stability. The advantage of stability alone is enough for us to spend more money to buy it. SilverStone SETA A1 Getting the right case is all about choosing the one that best meets your needs in terms of appearance, ease of assembly, heat dissipation, etc. This time we first consider the appearance when choosing the case, and look for the color matching the matte silver. The front of this case is very in line with the demand. With a slightly wavy corner design, the overall appearance is not as square as traditional cases, which instantly catches my attention. The second is heat dissipation. This case is equipped with two 200mm suction fans at the front and one exhaust fan at the back, which is enough for the air to flow effectively. This allows the heat generated by the high-end graphics card under high-speed operation to be released from the case quickly enough to meet our needs. CoolerMaster V1000 Platinum Choosing a power supply is also very easy. If you don't know much about brands on the market and feel confused, the principle is very simple, we only need to consider two factors, "wattage" and "warranty". This time, according to our requirement for a mid-range graphics card, there is actually no need to get a 1000W power supply. However, considering that some creators will buy a second graphics card and link them together, we generally recommend getting enough wattage at once to avoid having to purchase a new power supply afterwards, which is time-consuming and costly. In addition, the warranty is also very important since creators put stability as the first priority. We recommend choosing a power supply with a 10-year warranty for better protection and peace of mind. This is the end of the introduction on how to select your hardware. For installation steps, please watch the video we made for this article. We sequentially include the location and precautions for each component to be installed, so that everyone can learn to install their own PC in as little time as possible. I'll see you next time!

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  • Are you a creator? How much do you know about T-CREATE? What’s the difference between T-FORCE & T-CREATE?

    Today let's talk about the trending topic that has been widely discussed since last year: Creator. What is the difference between this type of products and the gaming products that have been very popular in recent years? Which manufacturers are on board with this trend? What are the features of TEAMGROUP's "T-CREATE" series? Around last July, Intel announced the result of an internal survey, which pointed out that about 200 million people around the world use PCs to create photo, video and 3D content, and 60% of them are interested in the so-called "Creator PC". Just like the rapidly growing gaming market in recent years, Intel believes that this is a very promising market in the future, therefore PC manufacturers are flocking to release a variety of creator products. The entire market also began to have some news and reviews as the expansion of the diversification of the number of products, and the number of consumers using these products increased, which is probably the origin of this creator trend. Source:的創作者pc將現今個人電腦市場再細分/ The difference between gamers and creators From the origin previously mentioned, we can see that both creator products and gaming products come from an increase in user demand: The "nerd" who played games in those years jumped on the scene and become a gamer, the entire gaming community was suddenly energized and the gaming market was created. With the growing development of self-media and the improvement of the quality and functionality of creative software, a large number of creators have appeared. In addition, the higher consumer demand for PC specifications has also created a market for creators. However, the literal definitions of the two are completely different. The following is the explanation from these aspects. 1. On the aspect of appearance The appearance of gaming products tends to be more black and red, with crazy looks or even RGB lighting to catch people's attention. The appearance of the creator products is a low-key silver gray with simple and elegant design. The style is both tasteful and pleasant. T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB DDR4 T-CREATE CLASSIC 10L DDR4 2. On the aspect of performance The pursuit of "extreme" performance in gaming products requires even faster speeds, so overclocking is the answer. For creator products, the priority is to pursue "stability", and speed must be increased under the premise of stability, rather than unlimited pursuit of extreme performance. T-FORCE XTREEM DDR4 T-FORCE CARDEA Ceramic C440 M.2 PCIe SSD T-CREATE EXPERT M.2 PCIe SSD 3. On the aspect of expansion The expansion of gaming products tends to be more comprehensive in terms of peripherals, such as support for high-quality headphones, high-definition live camcorders and other gaming accessories. The expansion needs of creator products are high speed transfer interfaces like Thunderbolt3, or large storage spaces such as NAS. T-FORCE SPARK RGB USB This is the most basic difference between the gaming market and the creator market, and other differences may vary depending on manufacturer's characteristics. Which brands have entered the “Creator” market currently? Here are a few brands as examples. 1. ASUS ProArt The ASUS ProArt has its own independent website, a wide range of products, and custom optimized software, all of which show ASUS's high level of care in many small details. ASUS ProArt (Learn More) 2. MSI Content Creator MSI also has its own website with a variety of products, but almost all news on the market are regarding laptops. The MSI Creator Series laptops do have many features specially designed for creators. MSI Content Creator (Learn More) 3. GIGABYTE AERO Among PCB board manufacturers, Gigabyte is relatively conservative, maybe it's because they are still sitting on the fence. Gigabyte has released a laptop designed for creators. Its performance and design style can fully meet the needs of creators. GIGABYTE AERO (Learn More) 4. ADATA Made for Creators Among the storage manufacturers had long had an independent page on its official website where it offers products to creators. However, the products that can be seen on the independent page are all existing products, so let's look forward to new creator products from them in the future! ADATA Made for Creator (Learn More) 5. TEAMGROUP T-CREATE Of all the memory manufacturers, TEAMGROUP was the first to make a new product that was truly exclusive for creators. TEAMGROUP has even raised its creator products to the same level as the T-FORCE brand, placing great emphasis on the creator market, therefore it is a valuable reference in the creator market. TEAMGROUP T-CREATE (Learn More) What is T-CREATE? T-CREATE is an all new brand launched by TEAMGROUP in September this year. It was released later than PCB board manufacturers, but it is still the first among storage manufacturers. T-CREATE spends a lot of time investigating actual usage needs. Compared to laptops, memory and SSD are not products that can be used directly, therefore it is necessary to accurately classify consumer groups and understand their usage in order to launch products that respond to consumers' needs. For the differences between TEAMGROUP, T-FORCE, and T-CREATE, which are the three brands under TEAMGROUP, the following is the ability distribution diagram that we often see when playing games, so you can easily see what their characteristics are. In addition, here is a product matrix of existing T-CREATE products. More T-CREATE products will be launched in the future to expand this product matrix. According to market demand, the T-CREATE series did not start with a 4000MHz memory or a Gen4x4 SSD that reads and writes 5000MB/s, but rather focused on durability and stability, with frequency and speed taking second place. You can go to the official website of TEAMGROUP T-CREATE for more detailed product specifications. T-CREATE Memory (Learn More) T-CREATE SSD (Learn More) Where to Buy

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