Is a Liquid CPU Cooler Better Than the Air Cooler? Things You Need to Know Before Buying a CPU Cooler.

In a computer, the CPU cooler is an indispensable part of the build, which is used to help the CPU to dissipate heat. When buying a CPU, whether it is INTEL or AMD, a stock CPU cooler will be attached. Since the original factory has attached it, do we still need to purchase another one? Is a liquid CPU cooler necessary?


1. What is an air CPU cooler?

The heat conduction principle of air cooling is mainly to use "air circulation" to dissipate heat. Regardless of whether it is a top-down type or a tower type, the heat of the CPU will be conducted through the thermal paste to the metal junction of the cooler, and then the heat will be guided to the metal fins on the CPU cooler by the metal pipe, and finally the fan will carry the heat away.

Since the way of heat dissipation is through the air flow, the size of the case and the size and number of fans on the cooler will have a greater impact on the air CPU cooler. In other words, under the same cooler and environmental conditions, a larger case will have a better cooling effect. Of course, the larger the size of the air CPU cooler, the more layers of metal fins are used to dissipate heat, which naturally increases the overall heat dissipation area and leads to better cooling effect.

Air CPU coolers are divided into "top-down" and "tower" types. Generally, the original CPU comes with a top-down cooler. We will not discuss it in detail here. If you are interested, let me know!

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2. What is liquid CPU cooler?

The heat conduction principle of liquid cooling is mainly to use liquid circulation to dissipate heat. Of course, it must be used with a fan to remove the heat.

The CPU also uses thermal paste to conduct heat to the metal junction of the cooler, and then through the coolant, the heat source is drained to the water cooling row by a conduit. Finally, use the fan on the water cooling row to blow the heat in the coolant away. After cooling the coolant will continue to circulate, repeating the above steps to achieve the cooling effect. The following illustration is based on the operation of TEAMGROUP's SIREN GD240E All-in-One ARGB liquid cooler as an example:


Liquid CPU coolers are divided into "AIO" and "Open loop". It is obvious how challenging the open loop cooler is to install by just looking at the parts, and there will also be a difference in price of course. Want to know the detailed comparison of these two liquid CPU coolers? Leave a message below!



Coolant is different from the tap water we generally use! Although it looks delicious and colorful, it is a chemical liquid. According to my friend (I will never admit that it is me), it tastes super bitter. You must seek medical attention immediately if you accidentally swallow it.

3. Air cooler or liquid cooler?

Before deciding on getting an air cooler or a liquid cooler, you need to know that the heat dissipation effect of liquid cooling is better than air cooling. Of course, the price will also be more expensive.

1、What range does the temperature usually fall in?

You can use software such as Core Temp or HWMonitor to check what range the CPU temperature falls in for a long time in your current usage habits. The normal operating temperature is about 40℃~65℃. If you are playing 3A games, the temperature will fall between 70℃~85℃. If it is higher than 85℃, then you need to check if there's a problem with your cooling system!

So, you can think about whether you will have the needs of multi-tasking, playing 3A games, or using video editing software. These usages will result in high CPU usage, which in turn will cause the CPU to generate a lot of heat, and will require a liquid CPU cooler with better heat dissipation to make it less likely to overheat.


2、Space limitations and personal budget for case installation

Next is the internal installation space of the computer case. Tower air CPU coolers can easily cause problems due to its high height or the large size that interferes with the installation of the memory, which makes it unable to be installed into the case smoothly.

In the pursuit of a better cooling solution and with a limited budget, it is recommended that you choose an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. There are many kinds of all-in-one liquid coolers on the market. You can choose a style with RGB lighting effects or non-light pollution according to your personal preferences. The water block of TEAMGROUP's SIREN GD240E All-in-One ARGB liquid cooler presents a textured mirror finish when the lighting effect is off. When the RGB lighting effect is turned on with the RGB fan, you can have high cooling performance and RGB visual feast all at once!

4. What should I pay attention to before purchasing?

Compatibility issues with the installation of the CPU cooler.

When choosing a CPU cooler, first check if it supports the CPU pins, which is the key to determine if you can install it smoothly!

Take TEAMGROUP’s SIREN GD240E All-in-One ARGB liquid cooler for example, there will be a CPU Socket in the product specification list, which clearly lists which pins support INTEL and AMD respectively. You just need to look at the pin information on the package of your CPU, and check to see if there is any on the CPU cooler.



If your PC will be used to play 3A games, or if you usually have multi-tasking needs, then it is recommended that you choose a liquid CPU cooler. Compared with air cooling, it not only has better heat dissipation effect, but also has lower operation noise. Among liquid CPU coolers, I would recommend the all-in-one liquid cooler. Compared to an open loop liquid cooler, in terms of installation, you only need to install the fan to the water cooling row, and lock the water block and water cooling row to a specific location. In terms of maintenance, the all-in-one liquid cooler has already added coolant to the product, you do not have to find a coolant product yourself, and you don't have to worry about water leakage problems.

That's all for today. You can leave a message if there is any specific part you want to know more about. I'll see you next time~


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