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  • Material especial CORDURA®
  • Almohadilla para mouse con bordes cosidos resistente al desgaste
  • Diseño de superficie texturizada optimizada para videojuegos
  • Fondo de goma natural ultra antideslizante
  • Almohadilla para mouse resistente al desgaste y a prueba de agua
Hi-end CORDURA® fabric

Hi-end CORDURA® fabric

T-FORCE SABLE L & XL are professional large-size gaming mouse pads that made of CORDURA® fabric. The special fabric[1] is many global brands, retailers and militaries’ top choice when it comes to wear-resistant and multipurpose material. The fabric is made of high-strength fiber technology, which makes it very durable.

Wear resistant surface is perfect for any type of mouse

The surface structure is specially weaved and arranged to form a tightly aligned and consistent texture. It offers accurate control for both optical and laser mouse. The special surface coating is suitable for mouse’s high-speed movements. The high wear resistant coating can keep the surface of heavy gamer’s gaming mouse pad as good as new for a long time.

Wear resistant surface is perfect for any type of mouse
Stain resistant, splash proof and easy to wash

Stain resistant, splash proof and easy to wash

If any liquid is accidentally spilled on the surface, the splash proof and stain resistant features can prevent any residue from remaining. The special CORDURA® surface coating can turn liquid into droplets on the surface, so it can be wiped clean right away. It does not absorb easily or stain. Moreover, the water resistant feature of the surface allows it to be cleaned directly using water[2], so the surface can return to its best condition periodically.

Natural and environmental friendly material

Natural rubber base can correct the uneven desktop. It is not only environmental friendly, but it can also grip firmly on the desk during intense mouse movements.

Natural and environmental friendly material
Fine stitched edges design

Fine stitched edges design

Wear-resistant and fine stitched edges design. Not only improves the tactile sensation during use, but it also reduces the discomfort caused by rubbing the edges.



T-FORCE is TEAM force. The red “T” on the logo of “TF” represents TEAMGROUP’s passion for the storage products. The black “F” represents TEAMGROUP’s over 18 years of promotion of storage products. The visual design of the perfect combination elegantly symbolizes a pair of flying wings. They represent that the high quality and extreme performance gaming products from TEAMGROUP are capable of allowing all gamers to break the speed limit and enjoy the ever-changing world of gaming.

Especificaciones del producto

Peso 680g 380g
Dimensiones 900(L) x 400(W) x 2(H) mm 450(L) x 400(W) x 2(H) mm
Material de la superficie Tela de nailon DuPont CORDURA®
Material base Goma natural
Garantía Garantía limitada de 1 años

[1] No doble la almohadilla del mouse hacia arriba o hacia abajo.
[2] No es adecuado para lavado por inmersión.


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