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    Q1. When installing Blitz, the screen will show unknown publish from the UAC window, Should I continue to install? Would it be damaged to the computer? If the reminder is showing during installation, please click Yes to go in the process, when finishing the installation, execute the T-FORCE BLITZ, the screen will show the publisher/issuer is TEAMGROUP Inc., this will not cause any damage to your Computer. If you still have more concern about this issue, please go to customer service from TEAMGROUP Inc. official website, leave your personal contact information, the specialist will contact you as soon as possible. Q2. When installing T-FORCE BLITZ after download, why I getting the error message, error execution without response or the software User interface is not T-FORCE BLITZ? If you install several RGB control applications, this would cause conflict or interference; we highly recommend that you only install one application only to avoid the modules are not recognized. Q3. Why are the modules always back to the default state which cannot restore the effects I set after I shut down the computer or restart the operating system? After your computer has booted into the operating system, your RGB setting effect will be able to display. Other than under the operating system, the RGB effect will be displayed as a default setting or no color changed. Q4. Is there any other languages for installation of Blitz? T-FORCE BLITZ only supports Traditional Chinese and English language.


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