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Thank you for selecting TEAMGROUP's product. If you have any technical or compatibility problems, please go to product FAQ for inquiry.

For USA and Canada customers, please email us your RMA request form to 
If you don’t have the RMA form, then please contact us first via 
Our customer service representative will guide you the next step and you will receive the following information. 

For customers who need to apply for RMA service with Taiwan headquarter, please submit your online RMA form. 
After submitting the form, you will finish the RMA application and see the following shipping instructions.

You can choose the following maintenance


  1. Please download the RMA application form and after filling it out, e-mail it back to our company's customer service
  2. If the product does not have our company's trademark on, please also attach a copy of your purchase receipt.
  3. If the product is a malfunctioning new product (please take your product along with your receipt back to your original dealer where it was purchased to exchange for a new one).
  4. When sending a storage product for repair (ex: hard drive, portable hard drive, memory card… etc.), the consumer must first backup the data. Team Group Inc. does not provide data backup services; and will not be held responsible if any information is lost or damaged during the maintenance process.
  5. Please do not send back any unnecessary accessories along with the product which requires maintenance. Team Group Inc. will not be responsible for keeping them and sending them back.
  6. If the product applied for maintenance is not a Team Group product, the customer will be required to pay for the fees for sending the product back.
  7. If we do not receive the application form and product within 14 days of applying, this application form will automatically be avoided; you must then apply for a new RMA number.
  8. Our company's free maintenance service is only limited to products within the warranty period and not damaged due to misuse by the customer.
  9. Your application will not be accepted if the RMA application form is not filled in properly, or you fail to attach a copy of your purchase receipt.
  10. If RMA request items come with accessories, please return accessory with RMA request items. Memory Module kits need be returned as a complete kit for functionally test and repair.
  11. To avoiding possible damage in transportation, please use bubble mailer or small box to package RMA items.



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