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512GB, 256GB, 128GB

  • UHS-I Class 3 V30 specification is able to avoid write latency
  • A1 Class Memory card for mobile devices
  • 4K Ultra-HD video recording and playback
  • Waterproof, dustproof, x-ray proof
  • Lifetime warranty
4K Ultra-HD video recording

4K Ultra-HD video recording

TEAMGROUP releases the PRO V30, a memory card specially made for HD video recording with excellent read/write speed of up to 100/90MB/s. It supports Full HD, 4K Ultra HD shooting, recording and playback. The PRO V30 complies with UHS-I Speed Class 3(U3)(Note 1) and Video Speed Class V30. It is capable of performing high speed burst mode. Image processing is fast and smooth, and pictures are perfectly saved without any lag or crash. The PRO V30 recording memory card allows users to fully enjoy the finest visual feast of 4K Ultra HD videos.

Note 1: The minimum sequential write speed of UHS-I U3(V30) is 30MB/s.

Instant data transfer and storage

PRO V30 recording memory card has excellent read/write speed. With up to 100/90MB/s of read/write speed, accessing videos and images can be done instantly. PRO V30 recording memory card is not only a professional memory card for cameras, but also photography enthusiasts’ top choice when it comes to memory card for drones.

Instant data transfer and storage
Store precious memories

Store precious memories

PRO V30 recording memory card’s excellent performance eliminates the delay problem when writing in data, so users don’t have to worry about frame loss, or slow write speed which leads to missing the opportunity of pressing the shutter. 128GB to 256GB of storage capacities are available for photography enthusiasts to choose from according to their needs. PRO V30 recording memory card is suitable for digital video cameras, panoramic cameras or drones to store precious memories.

Durable all-around protection

Even under harsh environments, the data inside PRO V30 recording memory card is still safely guarded. It is extreme cold resistant, waterproof, dustproof and x-ray proof. The highly durable design offers a solid and all-around protection.

Durable all-around protection

Product Specifications

Model PRO Micro SDXC UHS-I U3 V30 A1
Capacity 128GB / 256GB / 512GB[1]
Voltage 2.7V ~ 3.6V
Operation Temperature -25˚C ~ 85˚C
Storage Temperature -40˚C ~ 85˚C
Data Transfer Rate Read/Write: up to 100/90MB/s
Read/Write: up to 1,500/500 IOPs[2]
Weight 1g
Dimensions micro SD 15.0(L) x 11.0(W) x 1.0(H) mm
SD Adapter 32.0(L) x 24.0(W) x 2.1(H) mm
Operating System Micro SDXC
  • exFAT format
  • Supports only products with the Micro SDXC logo or slots complying with Micro SDXC memory cards.
  • Supports only products with SDXC logo or slots complying with SDXC memory cards. (adaptor required)
Write Protect Micro SD (No)
Micro SD to SD Adapter (Yes)
Warranty Lifetime warranty
[1] Part of the capacity of FLASH storage products will be used for formatting or other functions, and the displayed capacity in the operating system will be less than the actual storage capacity due to unit conversion. It is recommended to calculate the actual storage capacity based on this equation: total bytes/1024/1024/1024.
[2] Transmission speed will vary according to different hardware / software conditions, therefore the data can only used for basic reference.

  • The format for optimal usage might be different based on the devices. To ensure the proper work of the card, please do the formatting before applying to the device.
  • We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.