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M.2 SSD Installation Instructions

1. First, please turn off the computer and unplug the power cord.

2. Find the M.2 SSD slot on the motherboard

Since each motherboard is designed differently, please refer to the user manual of the motherboard for exact location.


3. Insert the M.2 SSD


Due to differences in motherboards, before installing the M.2 SSD product, please remove the heat spreader or screws on the motherboard *(Note 1), and make sure the M.2 SSD matches the slot interface.

Note 1: Please remove all screws from the M.2 SSD slot and make sure there is no other interference.


When installing the SSD, please carefully hold the left and right sides of the M.2 SSD product and align the product connector with the slot notch, then insert into the M.2 Slot at a 20-degree angle and screw into the mounting holes on the motherboard.


4. Complete assembly & start up the computer


Before starting, please check that no screws, parts, or foreign objects falling on the motherboard.



1. Avoid direct contact with PCB parts during installation to avoid damage caused by static electricity.

2. When screwing, be careful to avoid colliding with the IC parts on the motherboard and causing them to fall off.


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