TEAMGROUP's mission is to provide the best PC components such as RAM and SSD's to all gamers, creators, and office workers. We also care about creating an atmosphere that allows people to fully explore their passions, and thus we introduce "Build No Limits".
Build No Limits is an abstract notion, aiming to encourage styling a personal desk setup, a practical PC workspace, and an exclusive cozy corner.
We invite the online community via this event to share your ideal PC desk setup, to express your personal style, and to value the comfort space where you spend so much of your time.

Competition Information

Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

Design Rules

    PC Desktop Setup Design #BuildNoLimits
  • Design topic: Please share your existing or desired PC Desk Setup with the topic of Build No Limits. Describe your planning ideas, as well as design ingenuity, and how to present your style, etc. Your design must include TEAMGROUP, T-CREATE, or T-FORCE LOGO.
  • Submission: Entries must be the original work of the entrant and we do not accept plagiarism or copyright infringement. The content of the works can be presented in any form, for example: hand drawn, physical decoration, 3D modeling, etc. It can also be released in videos or photos. Entries must be shared on personal social media, set as a public post/video, and submitted with a public URL.
  • The content must be designed according to the topic and no controversial content whatsoever Please read the event reminders below ▶

Competition Details

Qualification Anyone can participate. Participants can submit multiple entries, but please do not submit the same design more than once.
Rules 1. Participants are required to share their PC Desk Setup on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube or Twitter. The content of the works can be presented in any form
2. Set the post public and include @teamgroupinc #Buildnolimits
3. The work must include TEAMGROUP, T-CREATE, or T-FORCE LOGO ▶
4. Complete the application form, submit the public URL of the personal social media and explain the design concept.
5. Complete all the tasks listed on Gleam.
Rating criteria Creative ingenuity 40%
Personal style 30%
Topic correlation 30% ( Include LOGO, Sample)
Important timeline Submission start: 13th April. Submission deadline: 11th May
Announcement of finalists: 20th May
Final Qualifications Entries that pass the preliminary examination will be qualified to participate in the final round.
Rating methods
  • A new "People's choice" rating is added to adjust the evaluation criteria.
  • The finalists will be displayed on the event web page and people will be invited to vote online for their favorite PC Desk Setup.
  • The "People's choice" rating accounts for 30% of the total score.
  • Rating criteria Creative ingenuity 25%
    Personal style 25%
    Topic correlation 20% ( Include LOGO)
    Public voting 30%
  • Special Merit Award (1 winner)
  • Merit Award (2 winners)
  • People's choice voting participation Awards (8 winners)
  • Important timeline People's choice voting start: 20th May. Voting deadline: 3rd June
    Results will be announced on 10th June on the official website of TEAMGROUP ▶

    How to build without limits

    Name : Andrew Ethan Zeng
    Country : Australia
    How do you define yourself ?
    Content Creator & Ecommerce + Marketing Expert PC setup is for Minimal Desktop & Productivity Setup

    Design Ideas
    This PC build strikes a balance between minimal design and practicality.
    As someone who enjoys both tech and business, this build combines components to give it enough power to efficiently tackle most tasks with ease when it comes to the business I run, while looking minimal and aesthetic in its design to fit into my home office.
    Plus, it doubles as a decently-powered gaming machine when I do have downtime – love me a good FPS!

    Name : CzugA
    Country : Poland
    How do you define yourself ?
    Graphic Designer, Digital Artist, PC Modder PC setup is for Desktop

    Design Ideas
    While creating my works, I am inspired by many topics. I'm always looking for a leitmotif which I then sketch and plan. It can be animals, a movie, games, objects. I try to make each project individual and have its own character. I love to mix styles and strive for unique graphic works and personalized items.

    Name : Jacky from the Coolifegame channel
    Country : Spain
    How do you define yourself ?
    Content creator, since 10 years ago. First exclusively with League of Legends on Youtube. Today a variety creator on Twitch.

    Design Ideas
    I have always looked for the best and invested in my work, that's why I have two computers that make me have the highest quality in my streams and for gaming.
    My two PCs have been assembled with all the technical and visible specifications that I wanted. I have the best components, that's why I have been with TEAMGROUP for a long time.

    Winners Announcement


      Special Merit Award
      A High-End GAMING PC
      People's Choice Voting Participation Award

    Vote for Favorite

    Now we are in the Final round of #BuildNoLimits PC Desktop Setup Design Competition.
    Vote for your favorite work from the below finalists and complete all the steps on Gleam to get the chance to win the People's Choice Voting Participation Award!
    Voting Period: From 20th May to 3rd June

    Vote Now!

    Event Reminders

    • The organizer has the final decision to change or explain the event rules.
    • The content must be designed according to the theme, and must not involve anything related to obscene, violence, or discrimination of race, sex, religion, politics, or other controversial and inappropriate elements.
    • Participants must read the rules of the contest, laws and regulations, and other relevant specifications and instructions. If the entry does not conform to the regulations, it will not be included in the selection.
    • Do not reuse winning entries that have participated in any other contests before, and violators will be disqualified.
    • The work must be an original design. If there is suspicion of plagiarism or duplication, and if the suspicion is confirmed after review, the entry will be disqualified from the competition.
    • If the design work is stolen from someone else, the participant will be disqualified.
    • The organizer may publicly broadcast the award-winning works for the purpose of marketing and promotion. There method and frequency of use are not limited, and no additional remuneration will be paid. Entrants shall not exercise moral rights against the organizer.
    • The organizer will not be responsible for any confidentiality agreement of the submitted works. Entrants shall guarantee that all entries are original or legally licensed. If any third party claims infringement of intellectual property rights or other violations, the entrants should be responsible for their own actions and bear all legal responsibilities.
    • The entries should not spread any inappropriate content such as pornography, nudity, obscenity, violence (such as murder, use of weapons, cruelty and maltreat, etc.), discrimination (including sex, race, religion, origin, gender and age, etc.), illegality (such as underage drinking, drug abuse, etc.), offending others, threatening, blasphemy or harassment.
    • Participants should guarantee that all information filled or submitted is true and correct, and that no information of any third party has been misused or misappropriated. If the organizer fails to successfully inform the award winner because of it, the organizer should not bear any responsibilities, and the participant shall bear all relevant responsibilities if any damage is caused to the organizer or any third party.
    • According to the law, the names and entries of the award winners need to be announced. Please check the box on the registration page to agree on announcing the name and the entries.
    • The winners shall provide complete award documents required by the organizer within the period as noticed by the organizer, and overdue shall be deemed abandoned.
    • The organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the activity if it cannot be continued due to force majeure.
    • I understand and agree that the applicant should comply with the relevant behaviors stipulated in the regulations of your company (including award acceptance, participation in subsequent publicity activities, free provision of the name, portrait and entry of the contestant or winner for publishing in the media or occasions of your company or the organizer of related activities, such as website, magazine, similar publications, exhibition, outdoor billboard and publicity activities. Winning entries should not enter other contests. Winning entries shall not be used for other commercial purposes except for publishing on the winner's personal website within three years after the award is promulgated.