T-FORCE BLITZ Lighting Effect Control Software has been with you for more than two years since going online. Due to the perfection of software for controlling RGB lightening from major motherboard manufacturers, T-FORCE BLITZ will be discontinued for downloading on April 22nd to avoid software conflicts caused by installing two sets of software for RGB lighting control at the same time, which may result in uncontrolled lighting effect. Thank you all for your support of T-FORCE BLITZ Lighting Effect Control Software.

TEAMGROUP SSD ToolBox has been widely praised since its launch.We will upgrade the SSD ToolBox software to provide better service and support.From 4/22, we will temporarily stop the download of SSD ToolBox, and is expected to be back online after maintenance in June 2020. The downloaded software will not be affected, and after the adjustment, it will be announced on the official website of TEAMGROUP. Users are invited to download the latest version in June for a more comprehensive support service.Thank you for your support and attention to TEAMGROUP.In the future, we will continue to strive to provide the highest quality products and consumer services.