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Memory Card Applications 2: The Application of Micro SD Card, the Application Products Suitable for Different Specifications

In the previous article, we mentioned the application and purchase of SD (Secure Digital) format memory card. If you haven’t done homework on purchasing SD memory card, please read this article: How to Choose an SD Card Based on Specifications. Today, let’s talk about another common, smaller memory card format – microSD.


When it comes to buying microSD cards, we usually consider the capacity, price, read/write speed, good value, etc. However, I truly recommend that, as mentioned in the previous article, before purchasing a memory card, it is better to figure out the use requirements and the application of the device, so you can get a suitable memory card! This article will take 4 microSD cards of TEAMGROUP as an example, and introduce the common devices that use microSD cards on the market, and provide you information for buying microSD cards. So let’s read on!


Understand the basic specifications and speed classes of microSD cards

The common microSD card specifications are the same as SD cards, which are divided into SDHC and SDXC. SDHC (High Capacity) is a card from 4GB to 32GB; SDXC (extended Capacity) is a card from 64GB to 2TB, and the transfer speed is faster.



When speaking of transfer speed, it is necessary to mention the speed classification marking method of the memory card. The common ones are the fooling three.

  1. Speed Class: Memory cards are often marked with a “C”. The higher the number, the faster the read/write speed per second.
  2. UHS Speed Class: It’s marked with “U”, usually 1 and 3 indicate the read and write speed. The larger the number, the faster it is.
  3. Video Speed Class: A speed standard established in response to the demand for high resolution video recording in recent years. It is marked with “V”. The larger the number, the faster the read and write speed.

Note: Application performance class means the minimum random read speed and sequential transfer speed can meet both run and store execution time requirements under given conditions. The higher the number, the higher the class.

In addition, the performance class of memory cards for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and handheld game consoles are divided into A1 and A2. It represents the processing performance of the SD card after the app is saved to the memory card. The corresponding processing performance of A1 and A2 class are as follows:

App performance class

Minimum write speed

Minimum random read speed

Minimum random write speed

Class 1(A1)

10 MB/s

1500 IOPS

500 IOPS

Class 2(A2)

10 MB/s

4000 IOPS

2000 IOPS


The full name of IOPS is Input/Output Operations Per Second, which is the number of read and write per second. The higher the numbers means the faster the processing performance, so A2 memory card will be smoother to use compared to A1.


What kind of microSD memory card should I get for my device?


  • If you have monitoring needs, we recommend TEAMGROUP HIGH ENDURANCE CARD

With the increasing demand for video surveillance and smart home, whether it is professional surveillance camera, or baby camera, pet camera and other home cameras, the requirements for video storage in our daily lives are also getting higher and higher. The TEAMGROUP HIGH ENDURANCE CARD is designed for professional surveillance camera, with a special focus on endurance and durability of surveillance storage. Unlike general storage devices, it is suitable for harsh recording environments for long-time continuous writing, and meets the requirements of various types of surveillance cameras. In addition to offering 256GB of large-capacity storage and up to 40,000 hours of surveillance storage endurance, plus a 2-year warranty, you can feel more at ease when using surveillance camera storage!

In addition, this memory card uses the video recording class Video Speed V30, and supports 4K and FULL HD high-definition recording and playback. With high durability and surveillance picture quality, it is undoubtedly the best choice for the storage of surveillance camera devices!


  • If you need smartphone expansion or backup, we recommend TEAMGROUP ELITE A1 CARD

Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, all kinds of mobile devices have become quite popular, but we often encounter the problem of App overload affecting the performance of mobile phones.

Designed for Android mobile devices, the TEAMGOUP ELITE A1 CARD can reach UHS speed class 3 (U3), video speed class 30 (V30) and A1 CARD random read and write 1500/500 IOPS. It allows us to quickly run and install more applications without worrying about smartphone lagging caused by capacity limitation.

TEAMGROUP ELITE A1 CARD is available in a wide range of capacities from 64GB to 1TB, which is definitely a great news for you heavy phone users! Most smartphones with 64GB memory cards are sufficient to store photos, videos and mobile games. If you often need to use your phone to shoot 4K video, a memory card of 128GB or more is recommended. In addition, TEAMGROUP ELITE A1 CARD also supports 4K Ultra HD video performance, effectively improving the smoothness of video playback!


  • If you pursue a smooth gaming experience, then T-FORCE Gaming A2 CARD can meet your need.

Switch players should be familiar with expanding console storage capacity with microSD card!

The T-FORCE Gaming A2 CARD, which is designed for handheld game consoles, not only meets the need of recording high quality video, but also has an advanced read/write speed of 100/90MB/s and capacity options of 256GB, 512GB and up to 1TB, allowing you to pick the right size according to your gaming storage need. It is a great choice for handheld game consoles and smartphone game players to expand the capacity easily!

Moreover, the T-FORCE Gaming A2 CARD with A2 (App Performance 2) class guarantees 4000 IOPS and above 2000 IOPS for random read and write, and optimizes the mobile device applications. More commands can be executed simultaneously, allowing players to enjoy the gaming world without any lag!


  • If you often use action cameras, we recommend TEAMGROUP GO CARD to you

Portable and flexible action camera has captured the hearts of many consumers with its ability to work in harsh environments and record high-quality, stable videos. Therefore, it is crucial to have a memory card designed for the function of action camera!

TEAMGROUP GO CARD memory card for action camera meets the performance required for shooting Full HD and 4K ultra-high quality videos. Its durable characteristics such as waterproof, dustproof, X-ray proof and cold proof are very suitable for extreme sports players who shoot in harsh environments!


For general purpose of recording videos and taking photos with an action camera, we recommend using a 64GB GO CARD to meet almost all your needs. Just remember to bring a few extra spare memory cards with you! However, 4K video files are quite large, if you want to record 4K ultra HD videos with an action camera, I highly recommend 128GB or more just in case! GO CARD has a variety of capacities from 32GB to 1TB to choose from, which can definitely meet all your needs!

The popularity of the use of drone has gradually increased in recent years, and mostly used in recreational filming. So, a microSD memory card that offers stable recording while flying is the key! TEAMGROUP GO CARD is fast, high performance and compliant with UHS speed class 3 (U3). It is also an excellent partner for drone camera users.



There are many different kinds of memory cards on the market, so how to choose the most suitable memory card? You can start with the device you need!

For professional surveillance needs, you can choose TEAMGROUP HIGH ENDURANCE CARD that emphasizes durability and endurance. If you need to expand or backup your mobile device, choose TEAMGROUP ELITE A1 CARD for both price and performance. If you are a Switch player, you can’t miss the T-FORCE Gaming A2 CARD! If you like to record videos with an action camera, then you must choose the TEAMGROUP GO CARD that can take care of both durability and stable recording. After reading the above, I hope it can help you better understand how to choose the most suitable memory for different devices!


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