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The process to handle memory errors

Have you ever encountered installing or boot issue while using the memory? Do you know how to use the memory correctly? Let’s introduce the simple memory debugging process now!
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1. Installation method
I. The correct hand position for installing the memory can ensure the force on the gold contacts of the memory is even to avoid damage.
II. When installing the memory, make sure there’s no dust or foreign objects on the gold contacts of the memory and the motherboard slots. Foreign objects or dander might easily burn the memory.

2. PC won’t boot (Cannot enter BIOS)
I. First, refer to the order of the motherboard memory slot. → Install the memory (single or dual channel) in the correct memory slots of the motherboard. → Check if it can boot normally.
The memory slots of each brand of the motherboard have a custom order. Please refer to the manual of the motherboard.

II. If already installed in the correct position but still can’t boot. → Install a single memory in a slot of the motherboard in turns for testing. → Find out which memory has a problem / If the problem that the PC is unable to boot has been confirmed, please contact the manufacturer for repair.

III. Cross test to see if there is a problem with the memory slots of the motherboard. → Install the memory that works normally in DIMM1~DIMM4 in turns to see if all DIMM slots are working.
IV. If there’s another motherboard available → Install memory on the different motherboard to see if it’s working normally. → If it is still not working, it can be inferred that it is caused by the memory.

3. RGB lighting issue
I. If RGB memory’s lighting is not working, it is mostly caused by the LED lightbulbs. It should be sent for repair directly.
II. If RGB memory’s lighting cannot be controlled, please install and test with only one RGB software, or update RGB software to the latest version. While testing, please make sure other software is completely uninstalled.
III. Please do not use alcohol or eraser to clean gold contacts.


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