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  • TEAMGROUP also listed company at stock exchange market in January,2019.


  • T-FORCE NIGHT HAWK & GAMING BUNDLES BUNDLES PACK won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2017.T-FORCE NIGHT HAWK,XTREEM and T162,T171 USB Flash Drive won the COMPUTEX d&i Award 2017. T-FORCE XTREEM DDR4 Memory is awarded GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017.

  • USB 3.1 SSD -PD700 won the Taiwan Excellence Award MoStash won Computex d&I awards.

  • M152 won the Computex 2015 Best Choice Award with features of flash drive, file sharing and mobile phone screen mirroring.

  • With a sustained expansion of brand management, Team Group has maintained its strong foothold as one of the top 10 global memory product suppliers. Meanwhile, its mobile application, Twinbo, was also awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award.

  • Teamgroup is the 11th largest global memory mosule manufacturer (iSuppli Q1), the 5th largest global USB drive manufacturer (iSuppli Q1), and the 6th largest global flash card manufacturer (iSuppli Q1).
    Teamgroups goal is to become one of the three largest memory manufacturers in Taiwan.

  • Teamgroup was ranked 419th among Common Wealth Magazine’s “1000 Largest Manufacturers” and was listed as the world’s 12th largest memory module manufacturer, 8th largest flash card manufacturer, and 9th largest USB drive manufacturer (iSuppli 2011).

  • Registered as an emerging company.
    Expanded the company scale, organization structure, and the factory. Proactively takes a participation to invent newly USB3.0 products, and continuously raise the product sales and enhance the service quality.

  • 4Established a branch office in Dubai, responsible for the Middle-east and India market businesses.
    Due to operation needs, expanded testing platforms and manufacturing plants.

  • Established a branch office in Japan.

  • Successfully developed the world’s fastest DDR3 high-level module.
    Completed development of SSD and DoB, piloted and started official mass production sales.

  • Due to operation needs, Team expanded operations and purchased an entire floor for factory offices in the same industrial plaza.
    Established the IC testing department, developed our own systems and testing procedures, rapidly lowering our production cost.

  • Established high-level module (overclocking) development, production and sales departments 
Developed flash memory series products.

  • Expanded our R&D department, and officially established the FAE application engineering department.

  • The headquarter moved to Junghe’s Far East Century Plaza.

  • The production equipment was moved to Junghe, and operations were expanded.

  • Taiwan’s main office established the product testing department.

  • The headquarter was established in Taiwan ─ Team Group Inc.