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● 3D surface with excellent responsiveness.
● Patented edge cover technology eliminates the problem of peeling.
● Environment friendly material, washable and odorless.
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3D surface

T-FORCE GAMING is now bringing the popularity to gaming peripherals. The newly released gaming mouse pad “FORCE SABLE” is created by using the In-Mold Forming technology. In addition, through the process of hot embossing, the texture can be copied onto the fabric surface, which is made by special material, to eliminate the problem of uneven friction. The 3D sensing points on the surface not only provide better control of the ordinary mouse but also greatly improve the performance of the optical mouse or the laser engine mouse, so consumers can point at wherever they want accurately!

Excellent hand feeling

The difference between a traditional mouse pad and a T-FORCE gaming mouse pad – FORCE SABLE is the fabric weaving texture. On a traditional mouse pad, the friction caused by the wrist when moving horizontally makes consumers feel difficult and unsmooth. Through the application of the selected fabric material, FORCE SABLE is able to lower the surface friction and offers a better comfort and smoother positioning when moving the mouse. The thoughtfully selected material enhances the stability and the durability.

Teamgorup-Gaming Mouse Pad
Teamgorup-Gaming Mouse Pad

Waterproof surface

T-FORCE gaming pad – FORCE SABLE is created through multiple high-low temperature processes, which gives the FORCE SABLE a special liquid repellent ability. This generates a lotus effect that can keep the water droplets on the nano fabric surface of the mouse pad instead of soaking into the fibers of the fabric. If the user accidentally spills drinks on the FORCE SABLE, all it takes is wiping it with a dry towel then it’s ready to be used again. There’s no need to worry about if the functionality could be affected. The FORCE SABLE offers an absolutely perfect accuracy to any kind of gaming mouse.

Washable and easy to clean

Different from mouse pads that are non-washable or unusable right after washing, the – FORCE SABLE is created using the In-Mold Forming technology to tightly bind the fabric and the silicone. When it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean. After cleaning, wipe it with a dry towel then it’s ready to be used again.

Teamgorup-Gaming Mouse Pad
Teamgorup-Gaming Mouse Pad

Eco-friendly material

T-FORCE gaming pad – FORCE SABLE is certified by the Bluesign* system. The silicone base is made with 100% environment friendly material which is RoHS compliant and also passed the FDA food grade test. It has passed the high standard wear and tear test during the production process. The mouse pad can stay firmly on the desk with its excellent grip. There’s no odor produced with our selected materials.

*Bluesign system approved:
The material of T-FORCE gaming mouse pad (FORCE SABLE) was awarded with the highest honor of bluesign® standard! With the rise of environmental awareness today, the bluesign® standard is considered by many international corporations as a rigorous environmental standard for textiles. The emerging environmental standard is jointly developed by representatives from academics, industries, environmental protection and consumer organizations. It represents that the manufacturing process and the T-FORCE gaming mouse pad itself are both compliant with global environmental standard EHS (Environment, Health, Safety), so customers can feel at ease when using this product.

Patented edge cover technology

The T-FORCE gaming mouse pad – FORCE SABLE is patented in many countries. The perfect edge cover technology makes sure there won’t be any loose thread at the edge of the FORCE SABLE even after use for a long period of time. The exquisite cover technology greatly enhances the texture of the mouse pad, and also solves the annoying problems caused by traditional mouse pad, such as easily damaged, loose threads, hand scratching, or even peeling. The durability of the mouse pad is improved perfectly.

Teamgorup-Gaming Mouse Pad

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Product Specifications

Weight 205g
Dimensions 370(L) x 230(W) x 2(H) mm
Surface Material Polyester
Base Material Silicone
Warranty 1-year limited warranty