Team Group has designed a very unique SSD with the Delta RGB. It is the only drive on the market with fully controllable RGB capability that goes beyond having just a single color or a predefined lighting pattern…[Read More]

TeamGroup recently announced their Delta RGB series SSDs. While offering value for money and armed with RGB bling, as we learned, these SSDs offer surprisingly good performance. The T-Force Delta RGB SSD remains fast and very effective for the money you put down on that counter…[Read More]

The T-Force Dark Pro modules are some of the best-looking around. The heatsink looks seamless but is actually composed of five pieces - two grey sections of aluminium that surround each side of the Samsung Ics…[Read More]

The Vulcan TUF Gaming Alliance 16GB kit is what we are looking at here. This memory is branded with ASUS’ TUF branding and is certified as being compatible with motherboards in that lineup…[Read More]