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Product Warranty

After purchasing a Team Group product, if the following problems arose and require maintenance, Team Group recommends consumers to follow the steps listed below in order to obviate any usage problems.

Team Group Warranty

Team Group Inc. guarantees that all manufacturing processes are rigorously checked, 100% comprehensively tested and the specifications comply with what’s stated.

If a Team Group product, within the warranty period and under normal use conditions, malfunctions due to deficient manufacturing process or raw materials, Team Group Inc. will provide full maintenance or exchange service.


    Limitation Clause

    The applicability of this warranty does not include product damage caused by unnatural external causes, and Team Group is not responsible for any data saved in storage products. If any of the following situations occur, then the product is not covered by Team Group’s warranty:

    1. Damage caused by accidents, vandalism, misuse, unauthorized disassembly, natural disasters or power problems.
    2. This product must be used with other compatible computer equipment; if damage is caused due to other manufacturer’s accessories, warranty obligations will not be upheld.
    3. Products purchased through distribution channels unauthorized by Team Group.
    4. Product maintained or disassembled by unauthorized technical personnel.
    5. Warranty label, product serial number or tamper label is modified, damaged or unclear.
    6. The warranty period starts from the day of purchase.

    Limited liability


    Warranty Applicability


    Warranty period


    Identifying original products


    Other Cautions


    Product exchange steps and required information